Software Development

Since our inception, Moriarty & Associates has delivered a wide variety of customized web and desktop solutions for different industry domains. We have a team of experienced and highly qualified software developers to provide the best solutions from scratch to all of our customers. With our years of experience in the software development industry, we assure high quality services that will increase the overall productivity of your organization.

Our attention to detail and ability to work well with our customers allows Moriarty & Associates to develop solutions that exactly fit your needs. Using the latest proven technologies and keeping in mind business expansion, our solutions are built to be scalable and flexible as your business grows. From project launch, you will recognize and appreciate our team's development skills, business domain expertise and smart project management - from initial requirements definition and business process modeling to user training and solution support and maintenance.

Our expertise spans the gamut of languages, platforms and methodologies that allows us to execute the most challenging and complex projects while satisfying requirements and exceeding customer expectations. We allocate agile and well-balanced teams that are tailored to the project's goals and requirements. Our developers, software architects, coordinators and project managers continually work to improve processes, stay abreast on emerging software technologies and methodologies to deliver you the best possible solution.

Systems Engineering

In today's internet and intranet-connected world, we at Moriarty & Associates are often tasked with exploiting our broad core skills to provide integrated, connected, net-centric systems that also connect with other existing systems. Successfully managing these hardware, software, and problem solving challenges is routine business for our team of professionals.

Moriarty & Associates systems engineering team has operated in a variety of secure environments and produced custom network solutions that adhere to customer requirements. They have utilized and configured a variety of networking hardware to create optimized gigabit networks that deliver reliable routing and switching while maintaining the highest level of security. Our networking solutions have been successful in both single-site and multiple-site environments. We have implemented Network Address Translation solutions that maximize IP usage and security, and protect network assets from all manner of vulnerabilities. Our engineers are highly adept at converting technical requirements into delivered solutions in short periods of time.

We thoroughly document solutions, and provide full lifecycle support. Starting with the mechanics of determining cooling and power requirements, our team analyzes all aspects of the configuration that will provide the best solution. They inspect and modify each configuration to deliver the required output, whether it uses networking gear, cabling, or server components. In addition, we are experienced with SAN architectures and NAS solutions from multiple vendors and currently support multiple 100+ Terabyte configurations.

Motion Imagery

Moriarty & Associates has extensive experience with identifying existing or emerging technologies, providing user needs to R&D organizations and developing new technologies for the Processing, Exploitation, and Dissemination (PED) workflow. We've successfully interacted with DARPA, IARPA, industry, academia, national labs, and FFRDCs to educate the community on real PED workflow issues and required standards for successful technology transitions. Moriarty & Associates provides significant subject matter expertise in the development, design, and operation of proof-of-concept, advanced, high definition motion imagery, intelligence surveillance, and reconnaissance sensor systems.

The ability to capture video and sensor images has grown exponentially, particularly in the last decade. Forensic analysts are facing challenges due to the increasing requirements for quality interpretation. We at Moriarty & Associates have unique capabilities related to image acquisition, referencing, and analysis that allow us to contribute to the accuracy and efficiency of motion imagery systems.

We have helped to pioneer research and development efforts and successfully demonstrated the ability to insert critical metadata elements, as well as Global Positioning System-based time codes, into motion imagery streams. Motion imagery-based sensors are fundamentally important sources of geospatial intelligence used to support war efforts and crisis management, and to assist policy makers in achieving the National Military Strategy of Full Spectrum Dominance across the entire range of military operations.

Database Design

Our expertise in database design can help you harness the full potential of your data. Moriarty & Associates database designers can help you define and organize your business rules to provide a sound foundation for your project. Our database design consultants can construct a detailed model to insure that your database is compliant with current standards, thereby increasing overall performance and reliability. We can also improve many existing database designs through the use of server side stored procedures and triggers, and also provide custom database software development services.

Logistics Support

Logistics support services include the ordering, receiving, tracking, accounting, and disposition of material and supplies for large-scale computer operations. They include the implementation of procedures and processes for logistical management techniques that ensure compliance with statutory, regulatory, and operational management practices.

Moriarty & Associates personnel are responsible for managing cradle-to-grave accountability of equipment assigned to various customers. This includes proper receipting, assignment of bar codes, conducting annual physical inventory accounting, and transferring and disposing of equipment in accordance with federal government directives.